CPFAbout the Colorado Plateau Foundation

We are a Native-led foundation that supports the cultures, lands, and waters of the Colorado Plateau, the landscape that we call home. We invest in Native-led organizations working in four priority areas on the Colorado Plateau – protection of water, protection of sacred places and threatened landscapes, preservation of Native languages, and sustainable community-based agriculture. These priorities emerged from a series of inter-tribal gatherings of cultural leaders who identified these areas as requiring immediate and sustained attention. We use a culturally centered model of giving that blends strong relationships, capacity building, and tailored support to build the skills and leadership of Native-led organizations working to protect the Colorado Plateau in these four priority areas.


CPFOur Priority Areas

Protection of Water

Recognizing the cultural importance of water for tribes across the Colorado Plateau, we support groups stewarding this life-giving resource.

Protection of Sacred Sites & Endangered Landscapes

Our lands are part of us, inseparable from our cultures and communities. We support groups integrating tribal voices into landscape management and safeguarding sacred sites.

Preservation of Language

We support language preservation because tribal languages – the vessels through which ancestral knowledge is passed to future generations – are threatened with extinction.

Sustainable, Community-based Agriculture

Native foods and traditional farming are essential to the Colorado Plateau’s tribes. We support organizations that are reclaiming sustainable, community-based agriculture.


Acoma Learning Center

The Acoma Learning Center, located in the Pueblo of Acoma, uses education to
prevent language loss, revive traditional culture, and support the physical and
spiritual health of Acoma young people.

Ndee Bikiyaa, The People's Farm

Ndee Bikiyaa (The People’s Farm) is a tribally owned and operated farm that
uses traditional agriculture to restore personal and cultural health among the
White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Black Mesa Trust

Black Mesa Trust works to preserve and honor the land and waters of the Black
Mesa region with a focus on the Navajo Aquifer, the groundwater that supports
Hopi peoples and cultures.

Utah Diné Bikéyah

Utah Diné Bikéyah is working with Native American Tribes in Southern Utah to
protect the Bears Ears cultural landscape and elevate Native voices in public
land management.

Black Mesa Water Coalition

Black Mesa Water Coalition focuses on preserving and protecting Mother
Earth and the integrity of Indigenous Peoples' cultures, with the vision of
building sustainable and healthy communities.

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The Colorado Plateau Foundation is lucky to support Native-led organizations
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