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Our team believes in the Colorado Plateau and its Native people. Together, we support our grantees’ excellent work by connecting the Colorado Plateau’s Native people to the world of philanthropy.


The Colorado Plateau Foundation plays a unique role, bridging national funders and Native communities together to protect the Colorado
Plateau’s lands, waters, and cultures.

The Colorado Plateau Foundation emerged to address a regional need for a bridge between the Colorado Plateau’s Native communities and the national philanthropic community. The power of Native American tribes as sovereign nations, as governments that oversee over a third of the Colorado Plateau’s lands, and as the original stewards of this landscape, renders Native leadership necessary to achieve meaningful and authentic change on the Colorado Plateau. Yet few philanthropic dollars are reaching Native communities nationwide, much less on the Colorado Plateau, where vast distances compound access challenges. As a place-based and culturally-centered funder, the Colorado Plateau Foundation addresses this discrepancy by bringing philanthropic dollars to support the Native-led organizations driving the most compelling and vital work occurring on Colorado Plateau.

Bears Ears National Monument
Bears Ears National Monument


We believe that enduring, Native-led stewardship can and will transform the Colorado Plateau. Yet too often, Native
leaders do not receive the support that they need to nurture and build out their excellent work.
The Colorado Plateau Foundation exists to address this gap – bringing national philanthropic dollars home to strengthen
Native organizations on the Colorado Plateau.

The Need

.3% of national philanthropic dollars go to Native communities

.5% of executive staff in philanthropy is Native

68% of philanthropic dollars are granted to non-Native led organizations

74% of funding for Native Americans is directed to urban initiatives


100% of Executive Staff are Native

60 Native Initiatives Supported

$1,200,000 Given Over Lifetime

100% Dollars Benefiting CPF Native Communities